About Us

Craft Beer Drop has been built to support British breweries during the Covid-19 crisis. We allow beer lovers to buy craft beer from breweries delivering in their local area.

We work with some of the UK's best breweries to fill our site with a range of delicious craft beers allowing customers to discover new breweries and new favourite beers.

Supporting British Brewing

Beer has been brewed in the UK for hundreds of years. We are lucky to have a diverse brewing industry full of passionate producers, and we do not want to lose them.
It's no secret that the British brewing industry, like so many industries, is facing hard times at the moment and we want to help. Simply put we want customers to find breweries so that breweries can sell beer. We don't profit from any of the sales made through the site, the money spent goes straight to the brewery.

Supporting Local Business

Research shows that for every £10 spent with a local independent retailer £50 goes back into the local economy. When you purchase from a local brewery you are putting money back into your community, creating jobs and strengthening the local economy. 

Supporting Products with Character

In a world of mass production, creativity and originality start to take a back seat. Independent breweries have the flexibility to experiment, using seasonal produce and reacting to the tastes of their consumers. Every craft brewery has its own unique style and philosophy creating a beers with depth and character. With a huge range of beers on offer at Craft Beer Drop you can try something new and we are sure you'll find something you love.